Natural and Effective Antidepressant – St. John’s Wort!

Let me preface this conversation by saying I believe integrated medicine is the way of the future. I strive to create dialogue between myself and other healthcare practitioners in practice, especially if we are treating the same patient/same condition. Not …

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Half “The Other Woman” movie review and Half call to Female Empowerment

However, I think many of us have had the experience of learning that a guy is being dishonest about other women in his life…and I’d like to think there are many more of us that would do the sensible thing. Tell the loser to get lost and move on. Life is incredible, with so many opportunities for great experiences…why waste your precious time scheming around HIS life?

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Why MINDFULNESS is the most important skill you’ll ever learn

By cultivating mindfulness, you quiet the voice. You quiet the voice of worry, remorse, anger, resentment, sadness, guilt, shame…
By cultivating mindfulness, you increase the volume of the present moment. Your experiences become richer and more whole.

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If hungry and angry had a lovechild, it would be called HANGRY

If you know me, you know I get hella hangry!

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Pardon my PMS

PMS should stand for “Pardon My Scowl” Affectionately termed “crazy day” by an ex, there was one day each month that I would turn into an uber sensitive, irrational, crazy person. Irritable, angry, sad – often all at the same …

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Fermented Veg for better health

  This past Sunday my fam and I embarked on a new experience…fermenting vegetables (aka. The inaugural family ferment fest 2014). Fermented veg are an AMAZING source of probiotics, live microorganisms that confer numerous health benefits. Our body has 10x …

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