Period Problems

I’m no stranger to period problems.
In fact, the symptoms around my period were so bad that I took a bunch of birth control to avoid my period all together.

I was terrified of my period. Mostly because it was so painful, I’d be out of commission for 1-2 days.

It was this scary monster that I was completely detached from. I figured it was best to avoid it. Plus, I didn’t understand the risks of taking birth control for so long.

Then about halfway through my 20s (and 10 years into taking the birth control pill), I decided I was ready for a different approach. I chucked the birth control and the pain meds and went off the meds. Surprise, surprise, all the period problems I had before the pill came right back. But this time I was armed with naturopathic medicine (yay!).

Naturopathic medicine is AMAZING for helping women to transition off of the birth control pill. Because guess what, it often takes months for your body to regulate its own hormone production again. And women are often taking birth control to manage period problems vs. prevent pregnancy.

Naturopathic medicine is also AMAZING at treating period problems. I’m talking about the following symptoms….

Signs of period problems

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