Half “The Other Woman” movie review and Half call to Female Empowerment

Granted, this is not a place for movie reviews…but I couldn’t help my reaction after watching The Other Woman. Being a Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann fan…and someone who can really get down with chick flicks, I was beyond disappointed. Funny moments? – there were a few. But for the most part it was ridiculous to me to be watching a group of gorgeous, smart, successful women become obsessed with tormenting the man who they find out is cheating and lying to them.

In between laxative pranks and spying missions they get drunk and play dress up in Cameron Diaz’s character’s amazing closet. Do 40 year-old women do this when upset? I kinda hoped your shit would be much more together by then. Being 31 and having gone through a few breakups in my past, I can attest to the idea that there may perhaps be an obligatory boozy night after a big breakup…but once you get that done with you reflect on what you’ve learned from that relationship and you take steps forward.

Now, I’m not trying to be judgmental. Everyone deals with grief in his or her own way. It just really saddened me that movies like this are the big blockbuster hits. Women are supposed to watch this crap and feel warm and cozy that they made 2 new friends while obsessively plotting to ruin some guy’s life. It’s a movie, and of course this particular douchebag had fraudulent business deals in which he had illegally implicated his wife…so sure, the guy had it coming. But cheater chore calendars with tasks divided between the ladies made my stomach turn.
Now, I can imagine that learning all of this as a woman who’s been married to this person for years and given up her life to support his dreams and career goals would be a much different experience than someone he’s simply been dating for a short period of time. That I really can’t comment on, because I haven’t been there.

However, I think many of us have had the experience of learning that a guy is being dishonest about other women in his life…and I’d like to think there are many more of us that would do the sensible thing. Tell the loser to get lost and move on. Life is incredible, with so many opportunities for great experiences…why waste your precious time scheming around HIS life?
Instead of spending your days plotting revenge, why not take a trip with your girlfriends and get some space, immerse yourself in something love doing, treat yourself to massages or spa days, read books, meditate, do yoga, makeout with a hot stranger…anything but spend your precious time continuing to invest in someone who sucks. Make your experience about you – not him. What did this teach you? What will you do the next time? What can you do to nourish yourself?

Men (and women) who are that dishonest and untrustworthy would be extremely difficult to continue to have any type of relationship with and therefore are SO not worth your precious energy. So save it for something better! And don’t watch The Other Woman unless you want to be bored to death.

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