Worried about Endometriosis and IVF?

Recent data from Sweden suggests that endometriosis will not affect meaningful IVF outcomes. A 2019 clinical trial, showed no differences in pregnancy and live birth rates after fresh and frozen IVF cycles (single embryo transfer).

In this study, a total of 172 women with symptomatic and surgically confirmed endometriosis underwent IVF/ICSI. They were then compared to controls without clinically suspected endometriosis (N = 2585).

Patients diagnosed with endometriosis had fewer oocytes (eggs) collected than controls. However, there were no differences in cycle cancelations or miscarriages between the two groups. Live birth rate also did not differ between women with endometriosis and controls. Results were similar whether ovarian endometrioma was present or not.

The impact of endometriosis was recognizable when considering ovarian outcomes but not on pregnancy or live birth rate.

Do you have endometriosis? Are you considering IVF? Naturopathic support can help improve your fertility outcomes and manage stress during a challenging time.

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