NEVER have fruit for breakfast (if you want to lose weight and prevent diabetes)

Fruit AKA ‘nature’s candy’ is our friend. Fruit is a necessary part of our diet that contains a ton of fibre and phytonutrients.


Fruit is also a source of sugar (the good kind, but sugar nonetheless) so when we have a piece of fruit on its own, we get a spike in blood sugar. Now the severity of this “spike” depends on what type of fruit you’re consuming and it’s corresponding glycemic index/load (you can familiarize yourself with this here). Fruit like apples rank low on the scale vs. bananas which rank higher.

Blood sugar spikes are BAD…they’re what cause us to feel hangry 30 mins later, lightheaded, or craving sugar. They may be especially bad first thing in the morning. You want to break-your-fast with a complete meal vs. one that is too high in sugar. Continued ups-and-downs  in our blood sugar creates a craving in our body for high carbohydrate foods. This can lead to weight gain….and eventually Type II Diabetes.

So, never have a piece of fruit on it’s own. Always combine with other foods that offer protein and/or fat (both are best)…things like a handful of raw nuts or turkey slices.

AND if you have Type II Diabetes you’ll definitely want to get your diet in check. Type II Diabetes is one of those chronic conditions that can actually be REVERSED with the right lifestyle changes.

If you need help with that, you can learn more about my practice here and book an appointment with me here.

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