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Facial acupuncture to stimulate collagen

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture is a GREAT way to encourage collagen regeneration, and that will:

  1. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Increase fullness

(amongst other benefits).

Collagen is a protein that provides structure to our body in places like our skin. It’s kinda like the scaffolding that keeps everything in place. Its production declines as we age.

That means that one strategy to keep our skin looking plump & fresh is to maintain (if not boost) our own body’s production of collagen.

There are dietary and supplement strategies that can support collagen formation. These are things like increasing intake of Vitamin C (found in foods like citrus fruit & bell peppers) and glycine (found in chicken skin & gelatine). If you visit me in my office, we’ll DEFINITELY talk about nutritional strategies to support your health and skin goals. I love clinical nutrition and I believe that healthy skin starts from within.

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture is another key strategy we can use to boost collagen formation. The treatment involves the insertion of tiny needles into the face. The location of needle insertion is focused around areas of concern and constitutional traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture points. This triggers a local inflammatory response, which stimulates skin cell regeneration and collagen formation. It’s super effective. Most of my patients report sustained improvements after just 3 treatments.

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