Still struggling with chronic acne or breakouts that happen around your period? There’s hope!

Get on a naturopathic treatment plan.

In naturopathic medicine, the gut is considered the root of all health and the skin is an expression of the gut. That means that successfully treating acne is usually an internal job (especially if you’ve already tried all the products and creams and nothing has worked).

Conventional treatments usually consist of antibiotics, prescription medications and topical treatments. Often my acne patients come to me because none of this has worked. Or maybe it worked for a while but came back once they stopped using these medications. 

There are lots of things that may contribute to acne such as a hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, stress, use of certain products, diet and food sensitivities.

Testing can be helpful to identify the cause of your acne. This may include hormone testing, digestive testing, or dietary testing. 

A treatment protocol may include a combination of dietary recommendations, lifestyle practices, topicals, and natural health products.

Acne scarring can be helped with facial acupuncture treatments. You can learn more about this here.

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