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Dr. Natalie Bozinovski ND. MSc., Naturopath

Effective, natural, health care.

Dr. Natalie Bozinovski ND. MSc.

Hi, I’m Dr. Natalie.

I help results oriented people feel their best by identifying the root cause of their health issues and treating them using natural medicine.

I blend my background in nutritional science research with traditional naturopathic knowledge to create personalized, evidence based treatment plans that restore balance and optimize your health so that you can live your best life.

When I ask my patients “when was the last time you felt amazing (think: high energy, low stress, pain-free, rested, joyful mood)? They often can’t remember.

So many of us have become too comfortable feeling not-so-great. My goal is to remind you of what it feels like to feel amazing.

What can you expect if you work with me?

  • An attentive integrative medicine practitioner who cares about your well-being
  • Appointment times that are long enough to discuss all of your concerns
  • A treatment plan that can work in conjunction with (not instead of or in competition with) any other type of medicine or health practice

To me, the ideal treatment plan is comprehensive, addresses all aspects of health and is easy for the patient to implement.

A bit about me…

I spend my days working as the Project Manager for the Centre for Integrative Medicine at the University of Toronto. This initiative was launched to address 3 main pillars – research, education and clinical care.

I am passionate about driving research and education around integrative medicine.

I practice naturopathic medicine in the evenings because there is nothing more rewarding than helping patients. I love hearing patients say, “I’ve had the best sleep I can remember”, “My anxiety is so much better”, “I don’t feel pain anymore”  and I could not give it up.

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In support of your highest health,

Dr. Natalie


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