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Improving your diet is the simplest way you can move the needle when it comes to changing your health.

Food is something we deliver to our system multiple times per day.

And it’s not just fuel for our bodies. Food is information. It sends our body important signals. A poor diet can send our body poor signals and can interfere with the function of systems like our digestive system, our immune system, and our endocrine system (hormones).

Not only are we what we eat, but we’re also what we absorb. So on top of giving our body the right foods, we need to make sure we’re digesting and absorbing them!

The right foods for your body, depends on your individual biological make-up and your health concerns/health goals.

As a licensed naturopathic doctor with a master’s degree in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Toronto, I’ve done a ton of training in nutrition. Plus, it’s one of my favourite topics (at least in part because I love food).

One of my skills sets is having the tools & knowledge to help you figure out the exact right diet for you.

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