Male Hormone Testing

Man boobs, low libido, irritability, inability to put on muscle are some of the best (and most common reasons) for men to get their hormones tested. These are common symptoms that can be uncomfortable to talk about but easy to fix when you have the right information. It’s just about isolating the problem and implementing effective strategies to correct course. Male hormone testing is the best next step if you’re dealing with any of these issues.

Other conditions associated with male hormone imbalance:

Saliva hormone testing is simple and accurate. Four hormones make up the Salivary Male Panel: cortisol, DHEAs, estradiol, and testosterone.  Interactions between these hormones are fundamental to health.

For a deeper dive into how your body is using hormones, we can look to urinary hormone testing.  Benefits to urinary hormone assessments include the ability to assess both primary hormone levels, their pathway of breakdown, and the efficacy of the enzymes that are doing so. The results allow for a tailored treatment plan that are specific to you and your hormonal needs, and treatments often work faster and more effectively

We can use your hormone test results to put together an effective plan to boost your libido, mood and improve your body composition.

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